Call for Tutorials

The organizing committee of Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII) 2024 is now inviting proposals for Tutorials. ACII is the flagship conference for research in Affective Computing, covering topics related to the study of intelligent systems that perceive, express, or otherwise use affect.

In general, tutorials may introduce an uprising issue to the related research discussed at previous ACIIs, or reflect an overview of an important but already established topic, both presented in an illustrative fashion. For this, we expect that the tutors focus on the state-of-the-art or the main ideas of the proposed topic rather than primarily on the presenters’ own research interests. 

We welcome tutorial proposals that cover topics related to the ACII 2024 theme in introductory or advanced levels to complement the conference’s program. For ACII 2024, our theme is titled “Human and Beyond” (e.g., animals, virtual agents, and robots). The goal is to move from interaction settings involving only humans, the most common topic in Affective Computing, to more general scenarios in which multiple types of agents (natural and artificial) share a common social landscape and seamlessly participate in efficient and effective interactions. As such, we encourage tutorials that support developing and evaluating such heterogeneous interaction settings.

The tutorials can be organized as either half-day (preferred) or full-day events and will take place at the same venue as the main conference. 


Please send your proposal to the workshop chairs by email: (max. 3 pages, PDF-format). Your mail must use (mandatory) a subject line in the following format “TUT-ACII 2024 | [Your Tutorial Title]”.

Address in your proposal the following points:  

  1. Tutorial Title
  2. Duration: half-day, full-day (Note: Half-day (3h) tutorials are preferred and are the common ACII tutorial format; Full-day (6h) tutorial proposals have to justify the additional value)
  3. Presenter(s) Name and Affiliation
  4. Contact Information of the Tutorial Organiser
  5. Description of the Proposal (including a few relevant references and links to material useful for review)
  6. Explanation of Relevance of the Proposed Tutorial
  7. Description of Presentation Format and Style (several presenters, video conferencing, specific media, etc.)
  8. Equipment required for the Tutorial
  9. CV of Presenter(s)
  10. Key Publications of Presenter(s) (especially on the Tutorial Topic)
  11. Target Audience (e.g. early-stage or advanced researchers in the field, students, etc.)
  12. Provided accompanying Material (specific requirements)
  13. Other Considerations/Comments related to the Proposal or the Reviewing

We encourage tutorial presenters to publicly share tutorial materials if possible (eg. presenters’ webpage and/or ACII202r website).

Proposals will be reviewed in a confidential manner, and acceptance will be decided by the ACII 2024 Tutorial and Program Chairs. They will be evaluated based on the impact, quality, interdisciplinary character, presentation format, as well as the theme and relevance to the conference. Decisions about acceptance are final.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline for tutorial proposals:  15 May 2024
  • Notification for tutorial proposals: 15 June 2024
  • Workshops, tutorials, and DC: 15 September 2024

Refer to for other dates.

Tutorial Chairs

  • Shaun Canavan, University of South Florida, USA
  • Heysem Kaya, Utrecht University, Netherlands