Chen Science Writer

Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute (TCCI), an ACII 2023 gold sponsor, is offering grants for two conference participants who are interested in serving as science writers. Each awardee will be named “2023 Chen Science Writer”, and awarded a full conference registration waiver to participate in the conference and a $700 honorarium. Each awardee will be required to attend the conference and write a 2~3 page report with a high-level description of the conference meeting and highlights of the following:

  • talks/findings that the awardee found particularly exciting;
  • controversies and challenges relevant to the field that were discussed;
  • future issues that the awardee views as necessary to address in the field.

The final report will be prepared by the awardees with assistance from the ACII 2023 organization committee and the final product will belong to the AAAC (ACII organizers) and shared with TCCI to be published in their newsletters and website. The report will appear on the AAAC and TCCI websites, social media channels, and in the TCCI annual report.

If interested, please submit the following information by email to by 16 June 2023:

  • A short CV including a list of publications. If you have no prior publications, a 1-page letter of recommendation (from an academic) that discusses your ability to grasp, critique, and present technical ideas such as needed for the report outlined above is additionally required;
  • A two-paragraph sample of your writing;
  • A short statement on your availability to attend the conference in-person and what other travel support is available to you;
  • Your submission id (in case you have a paper accepted at the conference).

Applications will be reviewed by the organizing committee and in consultation with TCCI.

Best regards,

Temitayo Olugbade, Ben Leong, Chloé Chavel

ACII 2023 Sponsorship Chairs