Main conference
Paper presentations:

In order to maximize engagement given the hybrid format, ACII2022 will be a single-track program, and we have chosen to have all presentations be talks (i.e., we will not have posters).
  • Long Talks are to be not longer than 16 minutes, and there will be 4 mins of Q&A time (total 20 mins).
  • Flash Talks are 5 mins. There will be Q&A time at the end of each Flash Talk session.

All authors, regardless of whether they are intending to attend in-person or virtually, are asked to prepare and submit their slides in advance (Powerpoint; 10MB or less; use of common fonts is recommended to minimize cross-platform issues). This is to facilitate transitions between talks.

Authors planning to give their talks virtually should plan to present synchronously (in other words, giving a “live” talk at the same time — we have tried to account for time-zone differences as much as we could). But if you prefer (for example, in case of any unexpected issues on the day itself), you may choose to prepare a pre-recorded talk.

Here are our recommended recording guidelines:

  • Video file format: mp4
  • Dimensions: minimum 720 pixels in height (landscape)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Although not required, we recommend you to show your face during the video.
  • You may use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, OBS, or any similar virtual meeting platforms and screen share for your presentation slides to record your presentation.
  • Title your recording : yourpapernumber_lastnameoffirstauthor.mp4, e.g., 88_Truong.mp4

Submission instructions for videos and slides will be communicated closer to the date.


Doctoral Consortium

All Doctoral Consortium presenters are asked to prepare two files:

1) A pre-recorded video presentation, describing the research in a way understandable for the multidisciplinary ACII audiences.

The presentation should be 3 minutes or shorter, in an .mp4 or .mov format. Presentations should be sent to Magdalena Rychlowska ( or Wafa Johal ( by the end of October 17 AoE.

2) 3 slides with supporting information that will be used for the Q&A part of the Doctoral Consortium. The slides can (but don’t have to) be used in the pre-recorded presentation. There is no deadline for these slides – just make sure to have them ready for the Doctoral Consortium.