Tutorial: Introduction to computational analysis for behavioral and clinical sciences

Tutorial date/time: 10am – 2pm, 18th of October 2022 (Local time in Japan)

Tutorial presenter(s):

Prof. Albert Ali Salah, Utrecht University, The Netherlands & Boğaziçi University, Turkey

Tutorial description:

This tutorial on computational analysis for behavioral and clinical sciences aims to introduce basic tools of human behavior analysis to students of both computer science and psychology, to enable collaborations between these disciplines. We will cover different application areas, discuss examples to illustrate the possibilities, as well as challenges and pitfalls of methodology.

Structure and Contents:

Part 1: Introduction to computational analysis for behavioral and clinical sciences. Issues in experiment design, including data collection, feature extraction and selection, machine learning pipeline, in-the-wild data, bias, overlearning.
Part 2: Face analysis: FACS coding, automatic analysis of face image and videos, example applications. Annotation and data quality. Affect and emotion estimation. Off the shelf tools (OpenFace).
Part 3: Body Dynamics: Body and pose estimation. Action and activity recognition. Wearable sensors. Temporal models. Off the shelf tools (OpenPose).
Part 4: Speech and paralinguistic analysis. Multimodality. Off the shelf tools (OpenSmile). Interaction analysis, including synchrony, rapport, mimicry, speed, intensity, regularity, extent.
Part 5: Presentations by students about their own related projects and discussion about how their analysis can be extended with these approaches. If you are registered to the tutorial, please send an email to a.a.salah@uu.nl to express interest in a short presentation of your project (5-8 minutes) followed by a joint discussion and feedback from all participants and the tutor.

Tutorial materials:

The following papers are provided as selected reading in this area. We recommend the interested students to peruse this material. The presentation slides and any other material, such as presentation notes, will be made available to the participants after the tutorial.



Albert Ali Salah (Utrecht University): a.a.salah@uu.nl

General enquiries to ACII2022 Tutorial Chair: 

Youngjun Cho (UCL): youngjun.cho@ucl.ac.uk

Ruud Hortensius (Universiteit Utrecht): r.hortensius@uu.nl